Q: Do you have volunteer opportunities for teams?
A: Yes, we have several ways you can volunteer as part of a team. Some common examples include fundraising teams and registry member recruiting teams. You can search the Find an Opportunity tab to see other ways you can volunteer as part of a team.
Q: Can I start a team if I don’t already belong to one?
A:  Yes! If you create an account and log in to the Be The Match volunteer site, you can create teams, invite team members, track their responses to event invitations and more.
Q: What is the age limit for volunteering? Are there opportunities for those under 18?
A: Most volunteer opportunities with Be The Match require individuals to be age 18 or older. However, opportunities exist for younger people, especially if they are accompanied by an adult. Teen agers often help at our Be The Match Walk+Run events, and there may be tasks younger people can assist with at local registry member drives.
Q: Do you have virtual volunteer opportunities?
A: Yes, many volunteer opportunities can be done online from your home.  For example, volunteers who spread the word about Be The Match via social media work online, and those who advocate for our organization by contacting legislative representatives can compose letters and make phone calls from home.
Q: Do you have service internships?

A: Yes. Many groups within Be The Match offer service internships to students affiliated with an institution of higher learning. To learn more about internship opportunities currently available, please email volunteers@nmdp.org.

Q: Do you provide training for volunteer jobs?
A: Yes, for roles that are long-term Be The Match provides training.
Q: Do you have one-time volunteer roles?
A: Yes, many of our volunteer opportunities in support of events such as the Be The Match Walk+Run require only a few hours on a single day.
Q: What does it take to get started?
A: If you find an opportunity that appeals to you and matches your skills and experience, simply click the “Express Interest” or “Sign Up” button and follow the steps.
Q: Are background checks required for volunteer roles?
A: If a volunteer would have access to sensitive information such as patient information or other private data protected by law, a background check is required. For one-time event assistance, often there is no background check needed.